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Internal dedicated and secure radio stations are a great way to keep employees informed and customers entertained.

In-house radio can span every branch of your business with a 'white label' service, giving you and your team direct access to information that will influence their day in a positive way.

UK Media Network offers a low-cost, but effective broadcast service to businesses that want to keep their customers or employees in touch with their business in a synchronised and entertaining way without the distraction of video merchandising or web style 'intra nets'.

Content, scheduling and formats can all be tailored to your needs by our team.

The distribution of your radio network is achieved via existing broadband WiFi and LAN connections so there is no requirement for expensive additional infrastructure. Even the program management can be done off site by us, or in-house by your own marketing team... Or a combination of both.


By using the same system that we use to transmit High Street Radio, we can provide a complete temporary WiFi network offering public internet access for your event.

Temporary Wifi networks provide your customers and guests with fast and consistent access to your own information through your event website as well as providing them with a welcome continuous use of their WiFi devices.

High Street Radio can also provide descreet private networks for your production team and event organisation.

For more information about the unique resource that is UK Media Network or to talk about UK Media Network providing a service for you, contact us today.

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