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High Street Radio at The Royal London Show

This year, the prestigious Royal London Show was held at the impressive Onley Grounds Equestrian Complex Nr Rugby between the 29th August and the 1st September and it promised to be the best year ever not just because of the high standards set during this year's qualifying events but also because High Street Radio was there!

Yes, as well as providing a local radio station to keep the the competitors and spectators informed and entertained during the day, each evening, HSR presenter Crazy Pete broadcasted live to our online stream every day from 4pm.

It's a first for the Royal London Show but definitely an exciting first for us!

Live on location and live to the world!

That's High Street Radio

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You can watch our video explaining how to log on to High Street Radio when you are at an event here...
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High Street Radio at your Event!

Talk to us about making your special event more memorable by having High Street Radio broadcasting at your location throughout the day.

An exciting event is complimented by new and easy to access information channels and a dedicated radio station for your event can be an important feature.

This is a beautifully cost effective way of keeping people informed during your event, whether it's an exhibition, county show or sporting occasion, as our system does not require any temporary OfCom licences.

All our transmission equipment is is powered by a solar/battery combination, with a carbon zero footprint helping with your event's green credential.

There is no need for your visitors to carry any additional radio receivers, as High Street Radio transmits directly to their smart phones and other personal devices such as ipads and laptops.

High Street Radio offers pre-recorded entertainment as well 'live' elements presenting 'up to the minute' information about particular events or services happening across your venue, this is accessed via an entry website that will contain information about your event with items such as agendas and site maps.

We switch seamlessly from pre-recorded elements to live announcements, event commentary, promotional information, results and security reminders.

High Street Radio sends it's experienced presenters out to interview people at the event, be they competitors or attendees compiling interesting features for broadcast and generating interest in all aspects of the event. We can also include 'dedications' in our live programming.

Involving people in the event at this level adds excitement and this in turn makes the event more memorable.

The potential is limitless and our team will work closely with your organisers to make sure everyone gets the most out of having High Street Radio at your event.

High Street Radio goes on location with our broadcast vehicle's full-function studio.


By using the same system that we use to transmit High Street Radio, we can provide a complete temporary WiFi network offering public internet access for your event.

Temporary Wifi networks provide your customers and guests with fast and consistent access to information through your event website as well as providing them with a welcome continuous use of their WiFi devices.

High Street Radio can also provide discreet private networks for your production team and event organisation.

For more information about the exciting resources available from High Street Radio or to talk about High Street Radio providing our service for you, contact us today.

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