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High Street Radio began as an idea based on a 'local production for local consumption' philosophy. In other words, a local radio station that could deliver radio advertising into very small catchment areas and serving small businesses and traders based in those same local regions.

As an example, imagine an area of one square mile, within that square mile, independent shops and suppliers could tune in to High Street Radio via their internet (using mobile phones, laptops or other such devices) as background entertainment in their shop or business premise. Then, by advertising on HSR, their message would be heard by the other places in the area also listening to HSR. If each business played and advertised on HSR, they would be advertising to customers in the other stores in the area, people who are already in their area, shopping!

It would be like a community radio station but for the benefit of small, independent retailers. A retail community radio.

By basing the station on-line and streaming the programme content via the internet, single entertainment programming can be transmitted to an infinite number of locations but advertising slots can be tailored to specific geographic areas, even down to a street by street demographic.

High Street Radio is a trade mark of UK Media Network Ltd, a company formed to develop the HSR concept.

UKMN is a small start up company and our funding model excludes borrowing finance from banks and other lenders so we rely totally on the generosity of supporters to get this part of the High Street Radio idea up and running.

In the meantime, we still have to pay the bills and so UKMN has begun to develop another revenue stream.

HSR Events Radio is an idea based on the 'on-line' principal behind our business, we have developed systems which enable us to attend an event, and set up a local radio station specifically for those attending the event who can listen to our broadcasts with their smart phones and tablets.

Our programme content is live and includes short features about the event, interviews with relevant personalities, messages sent to and from those attending the event and promotions for retailers, organisations and sponsors.

A by product of this technology is our ability to provide straightforward internet access to any temporary event, providing people with free or chargeable internet access.

For more information or to talk about High Street Radio providing a service for you, contact us here.

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High Street Radio offers all types of sponsorship opportunities for businesses and individuals as an exciting and efficient way of advertising on the radio.

Potential sponsors can take a show, or a day of programming either on the online broadcasts or within our event broadcasts

Contact us at High Street Radio for more information.

For more information or to talk about High Street Radio providing a service for you, contact us here.

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Who do you want to influence with your advertising budget?

Advertising is difficult to measure in terms of effectiveness, maybe only 20% actually reaches people but who are they? Are they people who may be potential customers?

Even today, advertising companies find it hard to focus advertising on the people who are most responsive to your proposition.

Surely, those who would be most open to your advertising are people who are already on the High Street, shopping, browsing, for bargains and the kind of products sitting on your shelves right now. People who are already on your High Street, Shopping!

Radio is a fantastic medium for local advertisers

Research shows that ads are far more effective when people are thinking about a related subject.

Local advertisers have slightly different priorities and requirements of their media compared to national brands. Radio is a fantastic medium for local advertisers - allowing them to reach out to the local community in a highly targeted and cost effective way. However, Radio advertising is expensive compared to printed media, HSMN aims to change all that and put the cost of radio advertising within reach of the small retailer.

Radio talks to people at the right time and place

Radio works in “real time” so ads can be run at just the time when people are most ready to be influenced by the message. For example, a leisure centre can advertise on a Friday night when people are planning their weekend; a local retail outlet can advertise on Friday and Saturday morning to promote weekend offers.

Business conditions can change fast, and radio is well set to meet those changes. Production of commercials is quick and relatively low-cost, and this allows local advertisers to put out just the right message at the right time. This flexibility works particularly well for advertisers whose business can be flexible with late deals or extended sales.

So, what does High Street Radio have to offer?

Let’s look at the cost of Radio Advertising to an independent High street retailer; while there is absolutely no doubt that radio advertising works, all those working in that media agree that it works best when it is often repeated.

If that’s true, then going to the trouble of having a 30 second advert produced, costing no less than £200.00, you would want that commercial aired as often as possible.

A typical local station covering just this part of the south coast would charge about £5-10.00 per play. It doesn't’t make much sense to air that commercial less than 10 times a week, so that’s going to cost at least £200.00

To some businesses, this might make sense when you know the numbers of people who will hear it, then the smaller number who may remember it and respond at a later date is anyone’s guess.

It's High Street Radio... It's on the HIgh Street, where your customers are!

We offer 15 and 30 second slots.

What is a ’15 second Slot’?

This is a 10-15 second announcement made by one of our presenters that runs at the end of a music slot, these are also known as ‘read through's’. Typically it might say:

“Triple A shoes have beautiful shoes at great prices, so go along and browse at Triple A shoes, 49 Blue Street Bournemouth. Just near the square.”

30 second slots can be 'read through's but using a longer period means that some production qualities could be introduced. For example, attention grabbing music, effects and multi-voice dialogue can be used to enhance to impact of the advertisement.

You can produce these slots yourself by going to an advertising production house as part of a larger campaign or we can produce it for you.

For more information or to talk about High Street Radio providing a service for you, contact us here.


Internal dedicated and secure radio stations are a great way to keep employees informed and customers entertained.

In-house radio can span every branch of your business with a 'white label' service, giving you and your team direct access to information that will influence their day in a positive way.

UK Media Network offers a low-cost, but effective 'white label' broadcast service to businesses that want to keep their customers or employees in touch with their business in a synchronised and entertaining way without the distraction of video merchandising or web style 'intra nets'.

Content, scheduling and formats can all be tailored to your needs by our team.

The distribution of your radio network is achieved via existing broadband WiFi and LAN connections so there is no requirement for expensive infrastructure. Even the program management can be done off site by us, or in-house by your own marketing team... Or a combination of both.

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